Man Gets New Jaw Joint (TMJ) from 3D Printer

An Australian surgical teams has successful used a 3D printer to recreate a TMJ for a patient that was born without a properly formed TMJ.  The surgery took 5 hours and the patient recovered with full range of motion. READ MORE

Nail Biting – Chips, Fractures, and Infections of Your Teeth and Mouth
Stressed young woman eating her nails  at home

Nail Biting May Negatively Impact Oral Health. The Times of India (6/6) reported that biting fingernails, while “taken lightly by everyone,” is actually “detrimental to your oral health” and unhygienic. Because nails are hard, they can cause teeth to chip or break, and carry bacteria that can cause an infection.

Milk or Soda Better for Your Teeth? Isn’t it Obvious?

Study: Soda, Fruit Juice Drinkers Show Greater Dental Erosion. Medical Daily (5/12, Caba) reports that a new study (5/12) published in the Journal of Public Health Dentistry that “found that people who drink sugar-laden soda and fruit juices have an increased risk for suffering dental erosion.” According to the article, “Data on 3,773 adults was taken from the…

Irish Researchers Develop Bruxism Mouthguard With Smartphone-Enabled Sensors
Image courtesy of Medscape

The Irish Times (4/13, McGuire) reports that Irish researchers “have invented an intelligent mouthguard” called SmartSplit “that will determine whether you grind your teeth at night and will send that information to your dentist and your smartphone.” The Irish Times adds that the mouthguard works by collecting data from “tiny sensors” in the mouthguard and sending that…