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No More Drilling? Really?

There may be a time in the near future when fillings for minor cavities are a thing of the past.  The ability to remineralize your tooth could do away with your dentist drilling out the decay in order to eliminate the cavity and fix your tooth.  READ MORE (Opens new window/tab in your browser)

United Way Dancing with the Stars Fundraiser

Last night (05/29/2014) I emceed the United Way Dancing with the Stars fundraiser at The Dish in Daniels, WV.  We had a great time and raised over $8,000 that is distributed to help with only food, shelter, and children’s education. If you want to read a little about it, here’s a link to some information an…

Same Day Bridges

Today we had the opportunity to prepare, design, fabricate, and bond two 3-unit bridges in one day.  With CEREC (CAD/CAM) and e.max (bridge material), we are able to complete each bridge in under 2 hours.  Here’s how it works, we prepare the abutment teeth and get photos.  This generally takes about 40 to 50 minutes.…

Getting a Crown to Fit an Existing Removable Partial Denture
CEREC crown under existing removable partial denture.

One of the biggest challenges in dentistry has always been getting a crown or filling to fit properly under an existing removal partial denture (RPD).  In the photo, you can see how a CEREC crown can be easily made to fit an existing RPD properly.  While the technique to accomplish this is very detailed, it…