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Getting a Crown to Fit an Existing Removable Partial Denture
CEREC crown under existing removable partial denture.

One of the biggest challenges in dentistry has always been getting a crown or filling to fit properly under an existing removal partial denture (RPD).  In the photo, you can see how a CEREC crown can be easily made to fit an existing RPD properly.  While the technique to accomplish this is very detailed, it…

Implant Placement & Crown Placed in Under 2 hours
Implant placement and crown placement in under 2 hours

Once this case was planned, it only took 1:50 minutes to place the implant, make the crown, and bond the crown to the implant.

10 Tips for Spotting a Phishing Email (from Tech Republic)
Avoid phishing emails

This is an article originally published on the Tech Republic web site written by  Brien Posey. Every day countless phishing emails are sent to unsuspecting victims all over the world. While some of these messages are so outlandish that they are obvious frauds, others can be a bit more convincing. So how do you tell…

Knowledge to Prevent Cavities

Many people believe that good brushing and flossing habits will prevent them from developing cavities.   While good home care is essential in achieving good oral health, there is more that is needed to prevent cavities.  Your dentist can provide you with several preventive measures in the fight against tooth decay.   These measures include…