Raised $1,170 and Matched $1,000 for HSRC in 24 Hours!
HSRC Fund Raiser

WOW! In under 24 hours, the kind people of the Beckley area have donated $1,170.00 to the HSRC. Your response was so swift that Susan & I decided to match $1,000 instead of the pledge of $500. We have taken $2,170 in donations to the Raleigh County Humane Society​ today. I am going to keep…

Dr. Childress is Matching Donations to Humane Society

I am going to match any donations to the Raleigh County Humane Society up to $500.00. Two ways to make the donation. Stop by my office and make the donation in person, or mail a donation to 402 Carriage Drive, Beckley, WV 25801. Donations are tax deductible. Please indicate whether or not you would like a receipt,…

Man Gets New Jaw Joint (TMJ) from 3D Printer

An Australian surgical teams has successful used a 3D printer to recreate a TMJ for a patient that was born without a properly formed TMJ.  The surgery took 5 hours and the patient recovered with full range of motion. READ MORE

Nail Biting – Chips, Fractures, and Infections of Your Teeth and Mouth
Stressed young woman eating her nails  at home

Nail Biting May Negatively Impact Oral Health. The Times of India (6/6) reported that biting fingernails, while “taken lightly by everyone,” is actually “detrimental to your oral health” and unhygienic. Because nails are hard, they can cause teeth to chip or break, and carry bacteria that can cause an infection.