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September’s $50 Winner is … J. Poszich

Congratulations to September’s monthly contest winner.  J. Poszich’s name was drawn as the winner of a $50.00 gift certificate.

Raffle for Humane Society of Raleigh County Winner is Ray Insco

Congratulations to Ray Insco!  Ray’s name was drawn last night at Pasquale Mira’s restaurant.  He had only bought 1 ticket.  There were 2,183 tickets sold.  HSRC gives a big thank you to every one who purchased tickets. Not enough can be said about how great this fundraiser turned out.  Thanks to Ann for the idea…

The Winning Raffle Ticket Drawn Tonight

The winning raffle ticket will be drawn tonight at Pasquale Mira’s Restaurant.  At 7 PM Dr. Childress will get some one from the crowd to draw the ticket out of the bucket of tickets.  The basket worth over 1100 dollars raised $2,023 for the Humane Society of Raleigh County.

Another Reason to Avoid Artificial Sweeteners
Artificial Sweeteners Study

Interesting article popped up on WebMD about artificial sweeteners.  It reports on a very small study, but it is some more evidence we need to keep trying to eat foods with less man made ingredients.