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Second Grades Screening Provided by NRDS Dentists

NRDS provides much needed dental screenings for local second grade students.  This effort is coordinated by Dr. Eckley’s office on a yearly basis.  This is an incredibly effective way for our dental community to reach out to many children who may not get the chance to see a dentist.  The main purpose is to ensure that the…

August’s $50 Winner Is…

A. Hubbard got the $50.00 gift certificate good at either The Char or Pasquale Mira’s restaurants.  Sorry I’m so late announcing the winner.  There were only 6 entries this month, so every one go to this link to find out how to enter.

$50 Winner!

Linda B. is the first of 12 $50 gift certificate winners!  Every month our patients can go to Facebook, Angie’s List, Yelp, and to fill out reviews and get their name put in the hat for a $50 drawing.  You can enter up to 7 times per month and winning one month does not disqualify you from…

No More Drilling? Really?

There may be a time in the near future when fillings for minor cavities are a thing of the past.  The ability to remineralize your tooth could do away with your dentist drilling out the decay in order to eliminate the cavity and fix your tooth.  READ MORE (Opens new window/tab in your browser)